Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Shiloh VS. Suri

After Shiloh Jolie-Pitt was born on May 27 she spent her baby life competing with Suri Cruise over their adorable looks and fashionable outfits. They filled the pages of gossip magazines more than their famous parents with their latest accessories and haircuts.
However, while Suri cruise is now a 'fashion icon' at the age of 4 with her designer wardrobe, Shiloh is looking more like a boy. Recently the famous toddler has been snapped wearing a number of hoodies, trousers and trainers as well as sporting a a cropped haircut.
During a vanity fair interview for the August issue, Angelina stated that her child wants to be a boy and thinks she's one of the brothers. She also said that her daughter wants to be a mini-brad..
Although her pout is still there, i'm not likinh the new look. What do you think?


Mary Lee said...

I think shiloh should wear more femimine things, it would suit her more. I really really hate the masculine look.. Suri is soo cute :) but she's so spoilt, its kinda annoying :)

Phoebe.Madeleine said...

same :) shiloh used to be so pretty etc. but now she looks so boyish... erggh!
i know right, her wardtobe is worth 3 million dollars :P

Jessica Weingarten said...

I'm kind of jealous of Suri's wardrobe...is that pathetic? hahah.
And I agree, the look isn't doing Shiloh much justice, despite being so young! Then again, at that age, it may just be a phase! I'm curious to see what she will look like in a decade's time.


Phoebe.Madeleine said...

aren't we all! :)
hopefully a phase but then she is bound to be strange with her parents..

P.M <3

Anonymous said...

i really really really hate suri, like so much! actually i think it's more her parents. i just don't think it's right for children of her age to already be wearing designer and heels etc and her being called a fashion icon is wrong because obviously she doesn't dress herself (i think).

i agree with the shiloh looks better feminine thing although i bet when she grows up she will.

they're both so stunning though!

Phoebe.Madeleine said...

i love her :D don't deny you wouldnt want christian loubotin tailored for you ;) sorry..
apparently she does kind of chose her clothes!

they are both so beautiful but i dont think shiloh suits the hair.

Jennifer Romero said...

hey, nice post here...it is really interesting to see how their styles have evolved over time even though they´re still babies