Saturday, 24 July 2010

This past week has been very eventful minus Monday which was pretty average.

Tuesday 20th July.

This was Sports Day which was a pretty busy day considering I take the roleof Sports Captain although I am not the best at sports. My event was discus as noone else wanted to participate in it. Two out of my three throws were 'no throws' and the last only went 10.81 metres- this was obviously not my strong point. However, after Sports day all my friends and I went back to Naomi's house which was amazing. She has a pool and tennis court and it was hot so it was perfect! This was also the day i featured on Teen Vogue's best dressed reader of the day. Check it out here.

Wednesday 21st July.

I had to wake up at 5.45 on this day to arrive at school by 6.30. Then we had a 3hour coach journey to Birmingham where we spent the day at the think tank museum. I felt so sick and to be honest it was not the slightest bit fun.

After this boring we arrived at the hostel we were staying at for the night. I cannot describe in words how awful it was but i will tell you the first minute i arrived in my room i walked into a cob web on which a massive spider was perched, not nice. But despite the dreadfulness we did have a fun time playing rounders and chatting!

Thursday 23rd July.

I woke up on this morning by a beach ball thrown in my face. I then got dressed and went across a damp field for breakfast. We then boarded the coach and headed for sea life on a 2 hour drive. After spending two hours there we boarded the coach yet again for a two and a half hour drive to RAF Cosford- bliss. Here, we went on a helicopter simulator and made a 'rocket' out of thin paper. We boarded the coach for the last time for a 4 hour journey back to school where we were met by a sea of waiting parents.

Friday 24th July.

This was my last day of Year 8- ever. Assembly after assembly after assembly went by surprsisingly quickly till we were eventually let out of the school's gates. The summer holidays had finally arrived and what better way to celebrate than by having your ears pierced, somethin


Mary Lee said...

haha aww i'm worse than you at sports so dw :) omg it's good that i didn't go. scary spiders. i have this insect swatter at home and it electricshocks them or something ahah. i used it just now and i cuold smell burning which was from the fly i had just killed. i'm sure taht it'd come in prettty handy.

Anonymous said...

well done for the teen vogue thing! favourite outfit of yours :)
ahh, abv day good times. when you're in y10 you'll get to go to brighton which was amazing.

Diana said...

Great blog. Love your style and how you write :)
Please check out my blog

Claudia Laurel Bell said...

Well done for getting onto the Teen Vogue website xxx

Phoebe.Madeleine said...

Mary : no your not :) ahaha, that would have come in handy! your so lucky you didn't go but it was quite fun.
Vicki: thank you! i'm really excited about that, sounds fun. they better not change it :P
Diana: thank you very much :) i will defo check it out!
Claudia: thank you. :D
P.M <3

Phoebe.Madeleine said...

oh and sorry for the ending!

helloElisha said...

I loved your best dressed reader of the day photo! Lucky girl!