Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Crete 1.

Crete- Day 1
After 6 hours of travelling including car, plane and coach we finally arrived at our hotel, it was so lovely! seeing as we were extrmeley hungry ( i had not eaten since 5 in the morning and it was now 3 o'clock) we went straight to lunch just after visiting our family room and choosing the bed we much desired. Ate lunch i ate the ultimate holiday food, calamari followed by a chicken baguette. Not the best idea if you plan to put on your bikini straight after..
On our first day, being more tired than curious, we spent the rest of the day by the main pool and despite just applying the infamous sun cream i couldn't resist venturing in, after all lying on a sunbed without an uncharged ipod in 38 degrees heat is not the best holiday experience.

Crete- Evening 1
Choosing my outfit for this evening was a tricky one: i didn't want to wear my nicest outfits as i didn't have the tan for them, however, i didn't want to wear the worst outfits as first impressions certainly count. So i went for a skirt/ shirt combination with topshop clogs. Before heading out to dinner we went to the 'piano bar' on the outside terrace. It had an amazing view over the private beach and the hilly landscape. The evening entertainment for the night was 'Dance all over the world,' consisting of around 6 girls completing rapid costume changes to present different styles of dance, from the river dance to african dancing.
Shirt- United Colours of Benneton
Skirt- H&M (since i took it up, it is ridiculously short)
Clogs- Topshop


Anonymous said...

looks like you had so much fun!
love your outfit here :)

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Phoebe.Madeleine said...

ahaa, the other days are funner though!
thank you sweetie.
Don't worry, i always visit your blog :)

Mary Lee said...

ahhh those pictures are amazing, it looks really fun :)
loove your outfit <3

claudia isabella said...

love your outfits! i hope i have that skirt ! i'm a new follower anwy, please follow me back :)

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love the outfits.. great post(:
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