Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Ugly Betty.

The hit American tv series, Ugly Betty is set for a comeback, however, Betty is no longer 'ugly.' After a makeover she appears without the stereotypical braces, straggled hair and chunky glasses, instead a set of perfect white teeth, hair-dryed locks and sleek new glasses. Although some of the outfits aren't up to the excitable standard of previous eccentric costumes featured walking along the streets of New York, the majority are. My only problem now is the purpose of the show has been destroyed by a new better-looking Betty..

So which Betty do you prefer; the original, exciting, ugly Betty or the new, less quirky, pretty Betty?


Ella Jasmine said...

I loved the old Betty but I'm glad there isn't too much of a difference between the new and old, she still has that quirkiness about her outfits. I think that first and second series were the best and I agree, I think that the whole concept of the show is kind of destroyed but I guess it is a good way to end the show overall. Sorry for that rant (:

Ella Jasmine,

Diana said...

It's wierd to have a stylish Betty. but I like her new look. It looks a bit like the Gossip Girl look just for Betty.

Anonymous said...

love the new betty's look although i don't want it religiously as i did compared to the older series because the plot has just become downhill.

Mary Lee said...

i quite like both of her images although some of her new outfits aren't that nice. ugly betty is coming out soo late! and it's the last one :(

StylishSinead said...

Nice blog :) I am bored of Ugly Betty the show has lost its spark and it was inevitable that she would succumb to the glamour and madness that is "Mode"


charlotte said...

the show that ugly betty is based on (some spanish version) ended for this very same reason, because they changed the main character and the whole purpose of the show and this is what has happened now with ugly betty as it's the last season. i think it's a real shame..