Tuesday, 24 August 2010

V Festival.

As usual a festival jammed packed full of celebrities comes along and they suddenly all lose their style and opt for boring 'festival style' outfits consisting of ripped denim shorts or a floral dress and wellies. However, two red-head celebrities managed to stand out from the crowd, Florence Welch of Florence and the Machine and Karen Gillan, Doctor-Who star.
Karen Gillian

i haven't ever really seen Karen Gillan out and around so have never experienced her fashion, however, she has certainly impresed me. She is one of the only people to have dared to wear heels and her upper half of the outfit feels slightly chanel inspired with the ruffled shirt and matching mini skirt and jacket.

Florence Welch

i have always been a fan of Florence's style on and off stage. I love the colours in this outfit which give an autumn feel as well as the leapord skin bag which is on trend this autumn/winter.

What do you think of Karen Gillan's and Florence Welch's outfits?


Mary Lee said...

i absolutely LOVE florence welch and all her outfits, she is so gorgeous :]

Claudia Laurel Bell said...

I agree, I hate constantly seeing ripped shorts with band slogan t-shirts with cut off arms, they aren't imaginative at all! Love both their outfits... :)

Eris said...

No way ! I think that Florence Welch blouse is the one I just featured on my blog ! And it's affordable ! Gosh, I really need to buy it now.


Phoebe.Madeleine said...

haha, it is lovely! will check out the post.

Anonymous said...

karen gillan is stunning! not sure if i like what she's wearing but i def love florence, love her style!

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Phoebe.Madeleine said...

i know right, does she model?
P.M <3

MariamLikesBubbles said...

LOVE Florence :) although i don't quite get this whole karen gillan craze :/ she's just quite ordinary in my eyes :p florence, however, is just wow<3

Anonymous said...

I love Karen Gillan so much, one of the reasons I watching doctor who too! Mariam how can you say she is ordinary, have you seen her amazing face? and legs?

Katie said...

Ooh I love both their outfits, particularly Florence's!

Anoushka said...

Florence looks great, actually they both do!
its true, festival style can be so uninventive..
its nice to see that not everyone dresses the same though


kelsea said...

festival style is the best. and the second look is my fave

Jennifer Romero said...

They do have a nice style :)
and thanks for commenting about my Fox 5 appearance <3