Saturday, 25 September 2010

Recent buys.

In this month i have been attempting to stock up on autumn clothes and although i have sometimes been tempted to buy summery style clothes, i have done pretty well to kickstart my winter wardrobe. So here's what i've bought so far...

Red Skater Skirt
I love this topshop skirt as it is so heavy, pratical winter, but is still trendy. The colour is really vibrant and will brighten up my winter wardrobe. It also reminds me of an american cheerleader skirt! £32, Topshop

These earrings are from H&M and are only £1.99 but look so vintage and cute! i just had to have them. Plus, i am trying to start a collection of bow earrings...

Navy Lace Skirt
I bought this skirt as i thought it was very elegant and would be suitable for the 1950s pencil skirt trend. I also needed a new navy skirt as i have worn my others to death.

Nude Silk Blouse
I love this blouse so much, it captures the sport- luxe trend perfectly althought it is very light and not suitable for the winter, it will certainly be one of my favourite autumn pieces. £35, Topshop.

Navy Wool Skirt
I bought this skirt thinking it would be appropriate for winter with its thick woolen texture, however, thick tights will certianly be needed as it's very short. I do really like this skirt but it was more bought for praticality and at only £14.99 from H&M i think it was a good buy!

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Mary Lee said...

i am literally in love with that nude silk blouse! i might just have to steal it off you ;]