Friday, 8 October 2010

Alexander McQueen SS11 (R-T-W)

Alexander McQueen's R-T-W SS11 collection was showcased at Paris Fashion Week. It was Sarah Burton's first catwalk show after the death of the designer, Lee. The collection based on nature was truly remarkable with a fairytale essence surrounding it. The breathtaking collection featured pheasant feathers, gold leaf detailing, snake skin, hourse hair and flowers. The dresses towards the end of the show were outstanding, capturing exaggerated silhouettes. The concotion of textures created a luxurious feel to all the pieces.
So what do you think of the collection? has Sarah Burton done well?


Anonymous said...

totally agree with you! after seeing her menswear collection, i was predicting that she'd completely be a disaster but she proved me wrong! she really understands mcqueen as a brand and everything was simply beautiful. i just wanted the heels to live up to mcqueen's standard and be more creative.

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Izzy said...

it's very similar to the last McQueen collection, impressive, but doesn't leap out to me, and thanks for the comment!

Phoebe.Madeleine said...

thank you both for commenting! nice to hear your thoughts :)

Anonymous said...

The collection was pure marv- very well done, a lot to live up too and she struck gold

Camilla said...

I actually did a post on this collection


Camilla said...

i use a nikon D3000