Friday, 5 March 2010

Alice in wonderland.

After school today I went to see Tim Burton's new, unique version of Alice in Wonderland. It was truly amazing and starred Johnny Depp, who is incredibly weird and wondeful, especially when playing with Helena Bonham Carter. I loved the australian actress, Mia Wasikowska, in her role as Alice and much prefer her long glowing locks than her new pixie hair cut whihc is much better suited by Carey Mulligan. I was inspired by all the amazing dresses Alice wears throughout, however, the cost of them would be ridiculously expensive and too hard to make myself.

Therefore, I decided I will dress like the classic, and more achievable, Alice for a small period of time once I have stocked up on check skirts, tutus, cream blouses, pinafores and cooky, vintage style shoes. I was thrilled when I walked in to office to find these ideal pair :

The pale-blue is the iconic colour for Alice and teamed with the red, Queen of Hearts inspired, large heart on the front, sets it of.

Watching the amazing movie has also inspired me to read the original Alice's adventures in Wonderland book I was given at my christening, however, found impossible to read. The illustartions are beautiful and small hearts at the bottom of every page are a perfect touch.


Mary Lee said...

omg those shoes are wonderful :)

MariamLovesJLS. said...

omg i love the shoes!
they are so wonderfully you.

Phoebe.Madeleine said...

i love them too :)

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see Alice in the iMax! I know it will be so good.
I totally agree though, Mia's cropped hair makes her look so much older, don't like it like that. And same to Carey as well, she looked so different at the Brit Awards!

Anonymous said...

hey, i'm mentioning you in my new blog post ;D

Jodie Rose said...

phoebee those shoes are awesome

annnd the film was like AMAZING :D

eve-rei said...

Those shoes are very cute. Very alike to these Vivienne Westwood beauties


Shopper said...

Lovely shoes. I must see "Alice...".

Phoebe.Madeleine said...

Vicki: thank you very much, will check it out :)
Eve Rei: I know rigth ;) I wanted them so bad :O
Shopper: I must buy them :) It is amaizng.

MariamLovesJLS. said...

omg the shoes on eve-rei's link are so cool :D