Wednesday, 10 March 2010


Last Sunday, I treked up to Chelsea's kings road for charity shopping, searching for treasures. However, once we arrived and had been walking along the road for a considerbale amount of time, we had not discovered a single charity shop. We took the last resort and called 118 118, under desperate circumstances. They said there was two. Two. We had come all this way, been informed by loads of people previously that they had found designer clothes for high street prices in Chelsea charity shops, and had walked for around an hour, for two shops. We were struck by even worse luck as one out of the mere two was closed; as we peared through the empty shop window we were weclomed by vintage lace up boots, antique pearls and luxurios fur coats- a dream, which had been shattered. As the number of shops started to decrease, panic filled up inside...

We made the decision to carry on to the next row of shops, however, and were over-whelmed to come across the second of the two charity shops. We walked inside the shop, stacked from top to bottom with clothes. After rooting through the rails, I found a metallic jigsaw skirt and grey pinafore, but, of course, they drowned me. Just as I thought my luck was over I spotted a moschino black corset- ideal as underwear as outerwear is extremely 'in.' I hooked it down of the shelf and tried it on. I thought it would also swallop me up, however, it fitted perfectly. Yes.

The luck carried on as we turned the corner of the road, revealing, three charity shops, although they weren't as succesful, they were exciting never the less. This does prove that 118 118 is rubbish.


MariamLovesJLS. said...

this is my favourite blog of yours so far :)
aha, i love the 118 118 adverts though, you can't beat 'em :D

Phoebe.Madeleine said...

Is it? :O Oh because you can understand it :P
Same they are too cool :/

Anonymous said...

I'm intrigued to see your corset! Lookbook! I've been to Chelsea several times and omg I never seem to find any charity shops there! Just very cool sock and tights shops :)